Summer 2014


Critical in IR and beyond: choosing a good baseline

Another edition of Informer? Are people not still hotly debating the issues we raised in the spring edition? Well, it’s been three months. Time flies when you are getting old(ish). Welcome back! This time it’s a seriously short editorial. Let’s focus on the facts.

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Conference Review: SIGIR 2014

The 37th Annual SIGIR Conference was held at Gold Coast, Australia in July 2014. The conference was chaired by Shlomo Geva and Andrew Trotman and organised with support from QUT, RMIT, The University of Melbourne and The University of Otago. Located at the Gold Coast Convention and Exhibition Centre, the venue was just a 5 minute walk from 35 miles of beautiful Australian coastline.

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2014 Karen Spӓrck Jones Lecture – Wendy Hall

Professor Dame Wendy Hall of the University of Southampton was the 2014 IBM BCS Karen Spӓrck Jones Lecturer. The lecture celebrates the role of women in computing research, and Wendy took the opportunity to present a wide ranging lecture, using her own career as a framework within which to locate the many developments and changes  in both computing and women’s place in the subject since she moved from mathematics to computing in the mid-1980s.

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