Summer 2013


Melting motorways and buckled rails? The summer has arrived in England. Welcome to a new edition of Informer. This is a Special Summer Edition in that we kept this issue (and the editorial) as short as possible so that we do not distract you too much from your summer reading.

Health experts warn: avoid alcohol and coffee at SIGIR.

First some updates on what the IRSG committee is currently working on. We will review the bids for ECIR 2015 over the summer and expect to announce the winning bid soon after. Remember, that ECIR 2014 will be held in Amsterdam. The current year will however see another few IRSG-organised events taking place. First of all, FDIA 2013, that primarily aims at postgraduate students to present and discuss their ideas, will take place in Granada as part of ESSIR 2013. Then we will see ICTIR 2013 in Copenhagen and finally we are preparing the programme for Search Solutions 2013. More details to be announced very shortly, only this much for now: expect some top names in IR among the mix of speakers!

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13th Dutch-Belgian Workshop on Information Retrieval

Delft: host city of DIR'13

The DIR workshop traditionally represents one of the annual highlights for information retrieval researchers in Belgium and the Netherlands. Hosted alternatingly in between the Netherlands and Belgium it serves as a venue for networking, sharing and discussing late-breaking research results as well as promoting recent publications in international key conferences and journals. A special emphasis has always been put on contributions from doctoral students, giving them a forum to communicate their results and gather experience presenting their work. Like other workshops, DIR invites original research papers and demonstrators for presentation. The third accepted publication format are extended abstracts of previously published papers. The motivation is to call internationally successful recent or upcoming publications to the Dutch-Belgian IR community’s attention. In this spirit, recent papers that were well-received at original venues such as JASIST, SIGIR, CIKM, ECIR, etc. can be discussed in more detail, leading to a strong network of national and European collaborations.

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Information Wayfinding, Pt 2: Elements of the Information Environment

In Part 1 of this series, I argued that vestiges of the pre-Web, print era still haunt digital experiences. To create information environments that are truly coherent, we must view them not as books full of pages, but as spaces to navigate and explore—much like finding our way through a city or a museum. This is what I call information wayfinding.

In this article, I’ll scrutinize the nature of information environments by investigating their most fundamental elements. In doing so, my ambition is nothing less than to subtly reframe the way we think about interacting with information on Web sites, in mobile applications, and in other digital experiences.
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Book Review : Recommender Systems for Social Tagging Systems: A review

Recommender Systems for Social Tagging Systems: A review by  Epaminondas Kapetanios

ISBN 978-1-4614-1894-8

The book, authored by Leandro Balby Marinho, Andreas Hotho, Robert Jäschke, Alexandros Nanopoulos, Steffen Rendle, Lars Schmidt, Thieme Gerd Stumme, Panagiotis Symeonidis, and published by Springer in 2012, discusses the role of recommender systems in order to serve social tagging systems.

With the emergence of Web 2.0 application, or the participatory Web, social tagging systems, such as Bibsonomy and CiteULike, gained momentum as a response to the problem and challenges posed by the creation of adequate descriptions of Web resources, be them documents, articles, Web pages, URL’s, images, etc., in order to foster sharing, effecting search, reusability of resources on the Web.  Though social tagging systems are promising, the book is also an attempt to respond to the challenge imposed by crowd sourced descriptions with its many facets such as variety in users’ conceptions, disagreements, innate difficulty to converge towards common agreed upon vocabularies, lack of gold standards, just to name a few.

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Call for Book Reviews (Summer 2013)

This issue we include another Call for Reviews in which we seek reviewers for a number of recently published books that may be of interest to the IR community. Books will be allocated for review on a first-come-first-served basis and you would have about one month to carry out the review. If you are interested in reviewing one of these books, please let Cathal know ( which book you are interested in reviewing and we will arrange for a copy (paper or online format) to be sent to you along with review guidelines. For examples of previous book reviews, see the most recent issues of Informer. The currently available books (courtesy of our good friends at Springer) are:

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Events Summer 2013


TSD 2013: Sixteenth International Conference on TEXT, SPEECH and DIALOGUE. Of interest to members working in the area of the search for both spoken and written documents. Plzen (Pilsen), Czech Republic, 1-5 September 2013.

MCW2013: The 4th International Symposium on Information Management in a Changing World.  Of interest to members working in the area of search in the context of information management.  Limerick, Ireland, 4-6 September, 2013.

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