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A Case for Satellite Events in Evaluation Campaigns

Local conferences, such as TREC in North America, CLEF in Europe, and NTCIR in Asia, play a leading role in promoting information retrieval research by supporting novel campaigns and releasing datasets to share the latest research challenges. To gain access to these datasets, participants are requested to communicate their work in the form of working […]

Deep Learning In the News – Digest

It seems you can’t go very far these days without hearing something about Deep Learning. Here is a quick digest of some of the recent Deep Learning news and blog posts and a couple of pointers to potentially useful resources. This compilation was made possible thanks to Lumi News AI. Articles in this digest appeared […]

SIGIR 2016 in Pisa

Conference Review: SIGIR 2016

The International ACM Conference on Research and Development in Information Retrieval (SIGIR) returned to Pisa after 30 years for its 39th meeting. The conference was hosted in the Palazzo dei Congressi, a fantastic conference space just east of the centre of Pisa, alongside the river Arno.  Organised by General Chairs Raffaele Perego and Fabrizio Sebastiani, […]

Third International Workshop on Gamification in Information Retrieval (GamifIR’16)

Third International Workshop on Gamification in Information Retrieval (GamifIR’16)

The 3rd Gamification in Information Retrieval (GamifIR 2016) Workshop, hosted at SIGIR 2016, started off with a highly insightful and timely keynote by Sebastian Deterding. Sebastian is a senior research fellow at the Digital Creativity Labs at the University of York, a founder and principal designer of the design agency coding conduct, a founder of […]

News Digest in Machine Learning

Machine Learning (ML) is continuing to be a hot topic in industry with Google, Microsoft and Yahoo headlining in recent news. Here is a quick digest of some of the recent exciting events in ML and a couple of pointers to potentially useful ML resources.   In A Huge Breakthrough, Google’s AI Beats A Top […]

SocialSensor: Sensing political content in social media streams

The successful use of online material in political campaigns over the past two decades has motived the inclusion of social network websites—such as Twitter—as an integral part of the political apparatus. Indeed, after the growth of candidate websites in 1996, Jesse Ventura’s e-mail campaign in 1998, the online fund-raising for John McCain’s campaign in 2000, […]

Detecting adverse-drug effects in natural language using limited training data

A large amount of information is provided in text documents but difficult to access for computer programs. In order to detect complex information it is often important to understand the relationships between words and entities in sentences. A relation can express for instance that a disease has a particular finding or a that a drug […]

Dynamic Group Formation for Search Personalisation

Dynamic Group Formation for Search Personalisation

In recent years, Search Personalisation has been attracting more and more attention in both academia and industry. Different from classical search methods in which the personalisation is not taken into account, personalised search engines utilise personal data of each user to tailor search results to the specific user, which depend not only on the input […]

Benchmarking News Recommendations: The CLEF NewsREEL Use Case

Benchmarking News Recommendations: The CLEF NewsREEL Use Case

Many online news portals display at the bottom of their articles a small widget box labelled, “You might also be interested in”, “Recommended articles”, or similarly where users can find a list of recommended news articles. An example is shown in Figure 1.

Dynamic Information Retrieval Modeling

Dynamic Information Retrieval Modeling

Change is at the heart of a modern Information Retrieval system.  Advances in IR interface, personalization and ad display demand models that can intelligently react to users and their context in real time. Many of the current problems in IR research can be attributed to dynamic systems, for instance, in session search or recommender systems. The […]

Understanding professional use of complex search strategies

Do you find yourself at work staring at a jumble of text like this: ((((curtiss) NOT (curtis))) OR (((curtiss-* OR ~Curtiss-Wright* OR curtiss NEAR/1 wright*) AND ((model* OR monoplane*) NOT (prototype*))))) If you are, we suspect you’re writing a complex query as part of a sophisticated search strategy and we would like to find out […]

Wendy Hall

2014 Karen Spӓrck Jones Lecture – Wendy Hall

Professor Dame Wendy Hall of the University of Southampton was the 2014 IBM BCS Karen Spӓrck Jones Lecturer. The lecture celebrates the role of women in computing research, and Wendy took the opportunity to present a wide ranging lecture, using her own career as a framework within which to locate the many developments and changes  […]

Towards Search Standardisation

Towards Search Standardisation

The EU-funded COST Network IC1002 (http://www.mumia-network.eu/ ) is a four year (2010-2014) networking programme which aims to promote collaboration between researchers and professionals working on Multilingual and Multifaceted Information Access (MUMIA), principally in Information Retrieval, Machine Translation and related topics. More than 250 scientists and professionals from 28 COST countries and 4 non COST countries […]