2023 AGM and Committee nominations

The BCS Information Retrieval Specialist Group invites nominations for the following positions:

– Vice Chair
– Secretary
– Inclusion Officer
– Early Careers Advocate
– Events Coordinator
– 1 ordinary member of the committee

Those elected will serve a two-year term commencing from the 2023 AGM which will be held on 21 November 2023 at 1800 London time after the Search Solutions Tutorials.

The committee seeks to promote Information Retrieval throughout the world and takes decisions on a number of important matters including the location of ECIR, allocating funds for student travel support, organising other meetings and conferences including Search Solutions, running the Karen Spärck Jones Award and a number of other activities.

The committee normally meets four times per year, usually in London, with most members attending via Video conference.

Nominations should have the written support of a nominator and seconder, and the written confirmation of the person nominated that they wish to stand. The person standing, the nominator and seconder should all be members of the group (if you receive this message you are almost certainly eligible to stand or act as a nominator or seconder). However, note candidates for Chair, Membership Secretary and Treasurer must be professional members of the BCS.

Nominations should include a brief biography (one paragraph), and a brief statement of why you wish to stand (one paragraph). In line with the BCS goals related to diversity and inclusion, we welcome nominations from less represented groups including women and BAME.

Only members of the BCS may vote in the election.

Nominations should be sent by email to the Secretary of the Group, Steven Zimmerman <stevenedwardzimmerman@gmail.com>, and the Chair, Udo Kruschwitz <Udo.Kruschwitz@ur.de>, by 17:00 (UK) on Thursday 2 November 2022.

Feel free to contact myself and Udo Kruschwitz with any requests for further information.

Kind Regards,
Steven Zimmerman
Secretary to the BCS IRSG Committee

About Steven Zimmerman
Steven Zimmerman

Steven Zimmerman is a PhD student at the University of Essex. His research interests are in the areas of IR, NLP and event prediction. He is currently involved with the Human Rights Big Data and Technology project. His work is focussed on development of methods to enable users with better tools and transparency for their experience in information retrieval platforms and to be better informed about the information they view. His research ultimately addresses concerns around freedom of expression, censorship, privacy as well as misinformation and toxic media.

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