Search Industry Awards 2021 – call for nominations

We are delighted to announce this year’s Search Industry Awards, celebrating the best search innovations of 2021. Presented by the Information Retrieval Specialist Group of the BCS, these awards recognize people, projects, and organizations that have excelled in the design of search and information retrieval products and services. If you know of any people, projects, or products that deserve recognition, let us know by submitting a nomination. Alternatively, if you’re involved with something special yourself, you can submit an application today. Nominations will remain open until 1st November.  Winners will receive a framed certificate and a public listing on the IRSG Awards site.


This year we are offering five awards:

  • Best search user experience (of a web site / mobile app / information resource, etc.)
  • Most promising start up (or new enterprise)
  • Best open source project (of all shapes & sizes)
  • Search professional of the year (who is your unsung hero?)
  • Best paper / presentation (at Search Solutions 2021)

The last award is open only to presenters at Search Solutions, and will be judged on the day of the event. For all others, apply today!

Judging Panel

Winners will be selected by our panel of judges (details to be announced shortly).

Awards Ceremony

The awards ceremony will take place during Search Solutions on 24 November 2021.


We’ve designed the application process to be simple to complete:

Nominations will remain open until 1st November.

If you are unsure which category to apply for, or have questions about the application process, contact Tony Russell-Rose at tgr2uk+irsg AT


About Tony Russell-Rose
Tony Russell-Rose

Tony Russell-Rose is founder of 2Dsearch (, a start-up applying artificial intelligence, natural language processing and data visualisation to create the next generation of professional search tools. He is also director of UXLabs, a research and design studio specialising in complex search and information access applications. He has served as vice-chair of the BCS Information Retrieval group and chair of the CIEHF Human-Computer Interaction group. Previously Tony has led R&D teams at Canon, Reuters, Oracle, HP Labs and BT Labs. He is author of "Designing the Search Experience" (Elsevier, 2013) and publishes widely on IR, HCI and NLP.

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