Search Solutions 2021 23-24 November.

A conference committee has been set up for this meeting. Since this was my suggestion I’ve ended up being the Chair. The other members are Tony Russell-Rose, Charlie Hull, Ingo Frommholz and Haiming Liu. We are anticipating that the conference will take place on 24 November with tutorials on 23 November. These dates have been agreed with the BCS but much will depend on how many attendees can be accommodated at the BCS offices in London. We may not have a reliable indication for this for perhaps another month or so. For now please add these dates to your calendar. If you have been impressed by particular speakers over the last year or so and think that they might be a good fit with Search Solutions do please let me know. We will be opening up a Call for Proposals later in the year.

We are planning to reintroduce the BCS Search Industry awards at this event. They were last given in 2019. More details below from Tony Russell-Rose who is taking the lead for the Awards.

Please visit the Search Solutions 2021 details.

About Martin White
Martin White

Martin is an information scientist and the author of Making Search Work and Enterprise Search. He has been involved with optimising search applications since the mid-1970s and has worked on search projects in both Europe and North America. Since 2002 he has been a Visiting Professor at the Information School, University of Sheffield and is currently working on developing new approaches to search evaluation.

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