IRSG Committee Meeting Highlights (January 26 2021)

Greetings all. As your acting IRSG secretary, I am pleased to kick off the inaugural update from the most recent IRSG committee meeting. This will be a very brief piece highlighting key points from the meeting.

Our last meeting IRSG committee meeting took place on January 26th 2021.

Key action points from this meeting were 1) the decision to setup a Search Solutions sub-committee which will be run by 2) form a strategy group to re-design the IRSG Website and the IRSG Informer and 3) clarify the differences between the KSJ Award and KSJ Lecture on Wikipedia and IRSG Informer.

Several agreements were made during the meeting as well. 3 IRSG members were co-opted onto the committee including Jochen Leidner as KSJ Award Chair, Martin White as the vice-chair of the IRSG committee and Yashar Moshfeghi as as inclusion officer for the IRSG. Additionally, Steven Zimmerman was transferred to the role of IRSG committee secretary. The committee also agreed to provide support for the Fairness and Bias in IR one day conference held in Glasgow in March 2021.

Many more details will be made available in the meeting minutes once they are approved at our next IRSG committee meeting scheduled for May 11th at 17:00 BST. Meeting minutes are available on the IRSG website here.

About Steven Zimmerman
Steven Zimmerman

Steven Zimmerman is a PhD student at the University of Essex. His research interests are in the areas of IR, NLP and event prediction. He is currently involved with the Human Rights Big Data and Technology project. His work is focussed on development of methods to enable users with better tools and transparency for their experience in information retrieval platforms and to be better informed about the information they view. His research ultimately addresses concerns around freedom of expression, censorship, privacy as well as misinformation and toxic media.

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