Critical in IR and beyond: choosing a good baseline

Another edition of Informer? Are people not still hotly debating the issues we raised in the spring edition? Well, it’s been three months. Time flies when you are getting old(ish). Welcome back! This time it’s a seriously short editorial. Let’s focus on the facts.

We offer you again a mix of feature articles and reviews. Tony kicks off with the first part of his investigation into mining search logs for usage patterns. Expect more of this to follow in future issues of Informer.

SIGIR 2014 is over and from what we hear it was an amazing conference. We include a summary written up by our special correspondent, Marc Sloan. We also include another ECIR 2014 workshop review. Philipp Mayr provides a detailed account of the Bibliometric-enhanced Information Retrieval workshop.

We also have a summary of this year’s lecture in the Karen Spärck Jones Lecture series which honours women in computing. John Tait will tell you how it went and who in fact had the honour of giving the lecture.

Andy has again compiled an up-to-date list of IR-related events. This list contains a wide range of activities including workshops, conferences, summer/autumn schools, many with active participation of IRSG committee members, for example if you want to see Andy himself in action this summer, then do consider attending JCDL/TPDL in September, THE place to be if you are into digital libraries.

Was that concise enough?

Enjoy the summer!


P.S.: As the days get shorter we are looking forward to yet another Search Solutions event in November. The  confirmed line-up is amazing! Why not plan your trip to London now? Book early to avoid disappointment!

P.P.S.: Next time you will not just learn about IR activities in Austria but also find out where ECIR 2016 is going to be hosted. Remember the deadlines for ECIR 2015 are fast approaching.

P.P.P.S.: Search Solutions will again be preceded by a day full of tutorials as well as the IRSG AGM. If you plan to stand as a candidate to join the IRSG committee for the next two years, then this will be your chance. This year we will have electronic voting and IRSG members will be kept posted.

P.P.P.P.S.: Want to see your own article in Informer? Let us know!


About Udo Kruschwitz
Udo Kruschwitz

Udo Kruschwitz is a Professor of Information Science at the University of Regensburg and a long-standing member of the IRSG committee (currently serving as Chair). His main interests are in information retrieval and natural language engineering. He enjoys being involved in organising events such as Search Solutions in London and ECIR Industry Day (e.g. at ECIR 2019 in Cologne) which aim at bringing together academia and industry. He is also the host of the Data Science @ Regensburg Meetup.