Call for Book Reviews (Summer 2013)

This issue we include another Call for Reviews in which we seek reviewers for a number of recently published books that may be of interest to the IR community. Books will be allocated for review on a first-come-first-served basis and you would have about one month to carry out the review. If you are interested in reviewing one of these books, please let Cathal know ( which book you are interested in reviewing and we will arrange for a copy (paper or online format) to be sent to you along with review guidelines. For examples of previous book reviews, see the most recent issues of Informer. The currently available books (courtesy of our good friends at Springer) are:

Managing and Mining Sensor Data
Aggarwal, Charu C. (Ed.)2013,
ISBN 978-1-4614-6309-2

Eye Gaze in Intelligent User Interfaces
Nakano, Yukiko I.; Conati, Cristina; Bader, Thomas (Eds.)
ISBN 978-1-4471-4783-1

Recommender Systems and the Social Web – Leveraging Tagging Data for Recommender Systems
Gedikli, Fatih
ISBN 978-3-658-01947-1

Data Mining Applications Using Artificial Adaptive Systems
Tastle, William J. (Ed.)
ISBN 978-1-4614-4222-6

Handbook of Data Quality Research and Practice
Sadiq, Shazia (Ed.)2013,
ISBN 978-3-642-36256-9

Crowdsourcing Geographic Knowledge – Volunteered Geographic Information (VGI) in Theory and Practice
Sui, Daniel; Elwood, Sarah; Goodchild, Michael (Eds.)2013
SBN 978-94-007-4587-2

Statistical Models for Data Analysis
Series: Studies in Classification, Data Analysis, and Knowledge Organization
Giudici, Paolo; Ingrassia, Salvatore; Vichi, Maurizio (Eds.)
ISBN: 978-3-319-00031-2

Graph-Based Clustering and Data Visualization Algorithms
Series: Springer Briefs in Computer Science
Vathy-Fogarassy, Ágnes, Abonyi, János
ISBN:  978-1-4471-5157-9

Data Mining in Large Sets of Complex Data
Series: Springer Briefs in Computer Science
Ferreira Cordeiro, Robson Leonardo, Faloutsos, Christos, Traina Júnior, Caetano
ISBN 978-1-4471-4889-0

Robust Data Mining
Series: Springer Briefs in Optimization
Xanthopoulos, Petros, Pardalos, Panos M., Trafalis, Theodore B.
ISBN 978-1-4419-9878-1


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 Gurrin (DCU, Ireland)

Reviews Editor, Informer Magazine


About Cathal Gurrin
Cathal Gurrin

Cathal Gurrin is a lecturer at the School of Computing at Dublin City University, Ireland and currently a visiting researcher at the University of Tromso, Norway. His research interest is in human digital memories and the challenges of developing a new generation of search-engine and content-understanding tools to support users in gathering and searching huge personal lifelog archives.