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This month we include another Call for Reviews in which we seek reviewers for a number of recently published books that may be of interest to the IR community. . Books will be allocated for review on a first-come-first-served basis and you would have about one month to carry out the review. If you are interested in reviewing one of these books, please let Cathal know ( which book you are interested in reviewing and we will arrange for a copy (paper or online format) to be sent to you along with review guidelines. For examples of previous book reviews, see the most recent issues of Informer. The currently available books (courtesy of our good friends at Springer) are:

Entropy Guided Transformation Learning: Algorithms and Applications
Santos, Cícero Nogueira dos, Milidiú, Ruy Luiz
ISBN 978-1-4471-2977-6

Immersive Multimodal Interactive Presence

Peer, Angelika; Giachritsis, Christos D. (Eds.)
ISBN 978-1-4471-2753-6,

Geometric Structure of High-Dimensional Data and Dimensionality Reduction
Wang, Jianzhong
Hardcover, ISBN 978-3-642-27496-1

Fuzzy Computational Ontologies in Contexts. Formal Models of Knowledge Representation with Membership Degree and Typicality of Objects, and Their Applications
Cai, Yi, Au Yeung, Ching-man, Leung, Ho-fung
ISBN 978-3-642-25455-0

Recommender Systems for Social Tagging Systems

Balby Marinho, L., Hotho, A., Jäschke, R., Nanopoulos, A., Rendle, S., Schmidt-Thieme, L., Stumme, G., Symeonidis, P.
ISBN 978-1-4614-1893-1

Introduction to Video and Image Processing. Building Real Systems and Applications
Moeslund, Thomas B.
ISBN 978-1-4471-2502-0,


You can read more about these at

 Gurrin (DCU, Ireland)

Reviews Editor, Informer Magazine


About Cathal Gurrin
Cathal Gurrin

Cathal Gurrin is a lecturer at the School of Computing at Dublin City University, Ireland and currently a visiting researcher at the University of Tromso, Norway. His research interest is in human digital memories and the challenges of developing a new generation of search-engine and content-understanding tools to support users in gathering and searching huge personal lifelog archives.

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