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How to organise a one day event

The BCS IRSG strongly support one-day events as a means of promoting information retrieval research in and outside the UK. One-day events such as workshops are very useful for bringing together people working on similar research areas and for generating interest in new research areas. These events are usually informal and provide an excellent forum for presenting novel ideas and developing research. One-day events require minimal organisational effort and can be used to help generate funds for your group and the IRSG.

Why organise a one-day event?

One-day events are usually well-attended and can generate valuable contacts in and outside the UK information retrieval research community. It can also serve to publicise new projects or ideas of your own to an informed audience of researchers.

How can the IRSG help?

If you run a one-day event as part of the IRSG one-day event series, the IRSG will give you support in terms of publicity, and may help with accounting and VAT registration. IRSG events also carry the BCS logo.
The IRSG wants to support short meetings as a way of bonding the information retrieval community in and outside the UK, and as such we will give considerable help in the publicity and organisation of the meetings. In return the IRSG will share in the profits of the meeting and, subject to approval, share in underwriting the meeting. One important obligation is that the BCS IRSG cannot expose itself to financial risk.
The IRSG has a committee member, who has the specific responsibility for overseeing one-day events.

Planning a one-day event

The main duties of the organisers are to develop the theme of the event, organise the program committee and reviewing and make the local arrangements. Local arrangements include room booking, badges, and preparing the proceedings. Detailed guidelines are available from Mounia.


The event will be advertised in the IRSG newsletter, the Informer, on the IRSG web site and to standard information retrieval mailing lists. Events that are directed at more than one research community will require to be advertised separately.


If the final papers for the event are to be full-length papers then it may be possible for them to be published in the BCS electronic Events in Computing Series. We can advise on this. Alternatively, the proceedings may be published on the web.