Understanding professional use of complex search strategies

Do you find yourself at work staring at a jumble of text like this: ((((curtiss) NOT (curtis))) OR (((curtiss-* OR ~Curtiss-Wright* OR curtiss NEAR/1 wright*) AND ((model* OR monoplane*) NOT (prototype*))))) If you are, we suspect you’re writing a complex query as part of a sophisticated search strategy and we would like to find out […]

Nick Belkin, the first key note speaker of the day

Workshop Review: MindTheGap’14

The MindTheGap 2014 full day workshop, held 4 March in conjunction with the iConference at Germany’s Humboldt-Universit√§t zu Berlin, aimed to bring together researchers from different domains (including Information Systems, Information Retrieval, Natural Language Processing and Recommender Systems) to discuss the idea of going beyond search ¬†as a “single shot”, i.e., an isolated single query, […]