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Doctoral Forum Programme

The Format of the Workshop

Each student will have 15 minutes to present his/her research to the group (6 senior advisors and 14 students). There will then be about 10 minutes discussion of the presentation within the group, and then the person who made the presentation will leave with two advisors allocated to him/her. There will then be 25 minutes to discuss the research with the two advisors while the next student makes his/her presentation.

The Provisional Program

TimeMain RoomDiscussion Room
09.15-09.40John Theophanous
09.40-10.05Emma AngusJohn Theophanous + Daniella Petrelli, Erica Cosijn
10.05-10.30Heidi EnwaldEmma Angus + Joemon Jose, Ayse Goker
10.30-10.55Morning tea 
10.55-11.20Malcolm ClarkHeidi Enwald + Katriina Byström, Diane Kelly
11.20-11.45Charles SegerMalcolm Clark + Ayse Goker, Joemon Jose
11.45-12.10Saila HuuskonenCharles Seger + Theresa Dirndorfer-Anderson, Daniela Petrelli
12.10-12.35Valerie DurieuxSaila Huuskonen + Katriina Byström, Diane Kelly
12.35-13.00Tanja SvarreValerie Durieux + Theresa Dirndorfer-Anderson, Daniela Petrelli
13.45-14.10Yong-Mi KimTanja Svarre + Ayse Goker, Katriina Byström
14.10-14.35Keisuke InoueYong Mi Kim + Diane Kelly, Joemon Jose
14.35-15.00Abdigani DiriyeKeisuke Inoue + Diane Kelly, Ayse Goker
15.00-15.25Xiazhong LiuAbdigani Diriye + Daniela Petrelli, Joemon Jose
15.25-15.50Huda FarhanXiazhong Liu + Ayse Goker, Katriina Byström
15.50-16.25Afternoon teaHuda Farhan + Theresa Dirndorfer-Anderson, Diane Kelly
16.25-17:30What did we learn? – summaries from the mentors, comments from the candidates

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