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Informer The Informer is the newsletter of the BCS Information Retrieval Specialist Group (IRSG). We welcome contributions on any aspect of information retrieval. We are particularly interested in feature articles and opinion pieces, but are also pleased to receive news articles, book reviews, job advertisements, and the like. If you have an idea for an article or other contribution, please contact the editors at:

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2012Spring (Edition 34)   Winter (Edition 33)  
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2005Autumn (Edition 16)   Summer (Edition 15)    Spring (Edition 14)    Winter (Edition 13)  
2003Article - Panel Session ECIR 2003
2002Article - Review of SIGIR 2002   Spring Edition 12  
2001Winter Edition 11
2000Winter Edition 10
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1998Winter Edition   Spring Edition    Summer Edition  
1997Winter Edition   Autumn Edition  
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1994Winter Edition